“Remote Desktop has proved very reliable and we feel assured our data is secure, properly backed up and can be restored if required.”

Jane Thirkettle

Practice Manager, AdamsLeeClark

“It works the way of an in-house system. The benefit of Hosted Desktop is the security aspect. We don’t have the resource to have someone here permanently looking after IT, so the major benefit is security and having it backed up automatically.”

Hitesh Dhokia

MD, ChaseBridge

“Our industry requires the highest levels of resilience, security of data and reliability. Our Hosted Desktop from Worknet provides all that and we have complete confidence in the solution – it’s never missed a beat and we know that all our data is backed up, secure and protected.”

Gary Johnson

MD, Inpharmation

“We’re a small company and we operate on a very flexible basis from temporary locations around the world. We needed a flexible, secure solution that didn’t involve a high up-front cost. Our Hosted Desktop from Worknet fits the bill perfectly.”

Phil Shepherd

MD, Opilio